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Wineries Going Biodynamic

Wineries Going Biodynamic

Forget organic wine, that’s old news.  A concept ninety years in the making, biodynamic wines are making their way to your local wine shops and restaurants.

Biodynamic refers to the way crops are farmed and was developed by Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s.  Many California and Oregon wineries are using this farming method where, in addition to strict standards in composting, harvesting, and bottling, the crops must be planted in accordance with the cycles of the moon, planets, and stars.  Significant vintners are experimenting with biodynamics because they believe that this amount of attention to the crop can only yield a good wine.

Intrigued and little bit skeptical, I made phone calls to a local high-end wine store and a liquor warehouse-type store to see if either carried any biodynamic wines.  Both did, however the high-end store was far more knowledgeable about the process and offered a greater range of prices than the other.

A wine enthusiast friend of mine recommended I also check out the selection at Whole Foods.  A trip to the grocery store and $17 later, the husband and I enjoyed a bottle of Frey Vineyards’ 2009 Biodynamic Chardonnay last Friday night.  And it was delicious.

From Frey Vineyards, this wine is “fermented on our vineyards’ natural wild yeast, this aromatic Chardonnay is unoaked to preserve its fresh apple/pear taste and bright aromas.”

Maybe the cosmos were indeed aligned the day the grapes were planted at Frey Vineyards because they’ve certainly turned this doubter into a biodynamic fan.


– Wendy

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  1. sometimes is just good to follow our taste buds…:) thanks for writing about biodynamics in this way..

    • Agreed! Like I said, I was a little skeptical but good wine is good wine.
      Thanks for commenting at The Trend Tribe!
      – Wendy

  2. This is super interesting!! I can’t wait to check out my local market and try one out! Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Well thanks for commenting!
      Yes, biodynamics are popping up everywhere. I think I even saw some at my local Trader Joe’s!
      I’m curious if it’s at your local grocer, so be sure to check out the wine aisle next time you are there and let us know here at The Trend Tribe! – Wendy

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