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Tuning In | Home Decorating TV

Wife, journalist, ex-Girl Scout, self-proclaimed band geek, Megan adores anything yellow, Thai cuisine and is always on the search for the perfect leopard-print ballet flat. @MrsWndr

During the hunt for a new house, my husband I started turning to more and more remodeling/redecorating/home makeover shows looking for inspiration and fantasizing about what our new home could look like. Since buying one a couple of months ago, the television shows have even more meaning as we consider options against the latte-colored walls of our new home.

While my husband loves to watch unprepared greenhorns rip into walls, try to lay tile and bust water pipes, I like admiring newly painted roomsfancy furniture, and learning decorator vocabulary. While figuring out how to do it on a do-it-yourself budget.

With that being said, here are some of the shows that are becoming regulars on my DVR.

Color Splash (HGTV)

I love color. It’s apparent from my closet, jewelry and couch throw pillow choices to even my former car (yellow Ford Focus). This show is total color eye candy, from a mid-century modern living room with a touch of Bollywood to a teal-splashed beach-themed room that I have replicated in my mind for our empty living room. Host David Bromstad can paint me artwork for a room any day.

Dear Genevieve (HGTV)

The gorgeous and warm Genevieve Gorder’s show focuses on taking a room that the people are not happy with and completely transforming it. The differences can be amazing! I loved the young couples yellow and empty kitchen that tuned into a white-and-wood masterpiece, complete with reclaimed wood on the ceiling. It totally changed my idea of how I could be doing my kitchen someday.

 The Nate Berkus Show (NBC)

Anytime you can get an audience to clap for a some lamps, it’s fun! Nate, who’s cool enough to get a video birthday wish from Oprah not only discusses design and decorating in a manner that’s easy to understand and replicate in real life. He also talks a little fashion and food, and loves to surprise guests and audience members with home furnishings.

Donna Decorates Dallas (HGTV)

If you drool over the decor in some of the Real Housewives television series, ‘Donna Decorates Dallas’ is perfect for you. She could both be the interior designer for some Dallas housewives cast members but could be one as well.  Her opulent decor style includes tassels, fringe beading, velvet, ironwork, chandeliers in bathrooms and animal print fabric throughout.  Quoting host Donna Moss, “In my style, animal prints are a neutral fabric… They just work with anything in my world.”

Design on a Dime (HGTV)

Even though I don’t have a grand to spend on a whole room, I love the way Casey Noble and her team work use a little elbow grease and a lot of paint, fabric, art and style to make a statement. I can take the ideas and throw a little at a time into different rooms- a curtain here, paint there and voila!

And, this show totally put stenciling furniture on my to-do list after I saw a bedroom redo with ferns on the dresser.

Run My Makeover (HGTV)

Love thinking up ways to design a room? Here’s your chance to put it in action. This show puts the design choices online to vote, and the lucky homeowners get to keep it if they like it, or keep it if they don’t.

Great for sitting with a friend or partner and making bets on choices and reactions to red kitchens with black counters, wicker chairs and questionable artwork options.

Do you have a room you’d like to makeover? What television show would you like to have it madeover on?

– Megan

photo credit AP/HGTV

Megan (8 Posts)

Wife, journalist, ex-Girl Scout, self-proclaimed band geek, former student and substitute teacher, Megan tackles being a SAHM and decorating her new home in Sunshine Wonderland. @MrsWndr


  1. I love home repair shows! You’ve got a good list here. When we were gathering ideas for our kitchen remodel I would always watch “Bang For Your Buck” on HGTV and I never ever miss an episode of “Sarah’s House” also on HGTV. I love what she can do with fabrics and that she shops flea markets for furniture pieces. She’s my absolute favorite and her and Tommy need to come renovate my master bedroom and bathroom!

  2. Did you see? They are coming out with a whole new HGTV magazine! I can’t wait. I am such a magazine junkie!!!

  3. Thanks so much for all of this info! We are getting ready to move into a “transitional home” for a few years, and I don’t want to spend a ton on decorating, but still want it to feel like home. I’m putting all of these on my DVR!

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