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Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me

Ah the glory days. The days when men were men, women were women, and air travel was… well, different. Those were the days when the girls were truly hostesses of the sky, prepared to not only save you should an emergency hit, but to do it with grace and poise and not a hair out of place.

Watching the new show Pan Am on ABC, you think it couldn’t be possible that air travel was ever like that. That they’ve obviously over-exaggerated what it was like to fly. But in real life, many years ago, upon boarding a Pan Am flight, a stewardess knew your name and took your coat and hat. She offered you a drink, food, a blanket and any other amenity that they could offer.


Nowadays we fight our way through crowded terminals, line up like cattle to the call and sit, elbow-to-elbow and sometimes hip-to-hip with the person next to us.


Back then, air travel was a privilege. It was such a privilege, in fact, that people actually dressed up to get on board. To travel was to enjoy the glamorous life, to “jet-set” and god forbid if every one of those passengers didn’t look their best when stepping on that plane.

When was the last time you saw someone in a dress onboard? How many times have you raced for a flight, in your Juicy sweat suit and Uggs, your neck pillow hanging from your purse?  Certainly not me!


Have we lost something as a generation? Did something go wrong along the line?


In my humble opinion? No way.

Back then, the world was different, and the ability to travel limited to the few that could afford it. It was an honor to get on an airplane, but an honor that most people would never know until they were well into adulthood, if at all. The numbers don’t lie. Before 1975 and the deregulation that would make air travel affordable, only 205 million people had ever flown in an airplane. By the year 2000 that number would soar to 638 million people, all of whom had experienced modern air travel as we know it now… cramped.

So I guess the question is this? Would you trade the service, the glamour, the first class seating for the ability to get on a flight any time you wanted to?

Would you trade a cute uniform and a dashing pilot for in-air wifi, kiosks for check-in and a $59 one-way ticket?

Eh, I may not love modern air travel with it’s cramped quarters and less than stellar customer service, and I may pine for the days of old, but the fact that I can fly around the world and still be able to send my kid to college? Priceless.


And if I do say so myself, those pilots are still pretty damn cute.


– Ashley

Married to a commercial pilot (swoon), Ashley Fitting juggles life in NoCal with a toddler and a wee one on the way! When Ashley is not ‘with child’ she drinks a $#*T ton of wine and knows a thing or two about chickens and living a sustainable lifestyle. Twitter: @ItsAFitting

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Ashley (14 Posts)

Lives life with her professional pilot husband (*swoon*) while sneaking in some cooking, cleaning, crafting and the mayhem of a toddler (with another on they way!) Oh and drinking a $#*T ton of wine! Twitter: @ItsAFitting


  1. My husband just bought me the Pan Am bags for travelling! I love that show, mainly because of the romance it brings back to jet setting.

    I agree, it really is a catch 22. What I would like to come back though: being able to check your bags for free. WTH is up with that?!?!

  2. I love everything about vintage air travel. Ladies, I think we should design a luxury commercial airline and bring back the glam.

  3. I think it’s called Virgin… Apparently they are the best for all of this.

    • Virgin America is ah-maze-ing. Especially when flying with kids!

  4. So I think I’d love to have the comfort of the glamorous days of flying back but at the same time the convenience factor is a big one when traveling a lot. Maybe there is a happy medium?

    I will say some non-American airlines are much better across the board. Singapore Airlines is one of the best and Cathay is meant to be very good also. Of course not to the standards of luxury travel but heaps better than the American airlines.

  5. First – Stefani…totally jel over than Pan Am bag! Love.

    I don’t fly often (a fear that’s worsened as I’ve gotten older but stems from living just streets over from where an Air Mexico flight crashed into my neighborhood in the mid 80’s). Anyway, when I do fly I feel I need to be ultra-comfortable. I need my mind settled and my body at ease. The hustle of cramped seating and “cattle calls” makes me feel overly anxious and therefore sends me into a tail spin (no pun intended).

    Last time I flew it was on Virgin and it was great.

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