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Finding Your Real Life Entourage

Finding Your Real Life Entourage

Searching for your entourage? I was too. When I moved to our town 1.5 years ago, I knew exactly two people… My husband and my kid. I was terrified, faced with the daunting task of starting all over again, like that first day in a new school, but without the benefit of all of those potential friends to be had. I had my friends online, but unless I wanted to spend my days holed up in my computer room, wearing sweats and eating potato chips, I needed to get out and make some real life friends.


Whether you’ve moved somewhere new, or are just looking to unplug and make some IRL friends… Where do you start?


Truly, the most important part of making friends is your attitude. You may think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but who is going to know that unless you get your butt out there and let them know? You need to pump yourself up! Get psyched about meeting new people! Sell yourself and your awesomeness. Because just like dogs smell fear, most people have a pretty good bullshit detector… If you don’t think that you are totally super awesome and worth being friends with, potential friends are going to know.



First of all, make some lists. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies and interests? Maybe you like to workout, or quilt, or read… Maybe naked bungee jumping is your thing. Whatever. There are people out there who are as crazy or as boring as you are. Jump right in and find a group of people just like you.


And in order to unplug, sometimes you need to plug back in…


It’s true… Since generally fun groups of people don’t just come knocking on your door, look for them online first. Find out about an interesting class at the gym, or meet up with the local quilting bee. Or if you’re a parent, join a playgroup or a moms club. Whatever you do, just put yourself out there and be proactive. Be friendly. Be genuinely interested in what people have to say… even if you could care less. And if you find that you couldn’t care less? Find another group. Check out Meetup is a great, free, online tool where you can join or even start a group for people in your area with common interests. Everything from wine tasting, book clubs and mommy-gamers to walking groups and ukulele clubs, it is really a great way to introduce yourself at your own pace to others looking people with similar hobbies.

Most of all, don’t get discouraged if you’re not immediately inundated with a new and fabulous entourage. Sometimes making friends or connections takes some time and effort, and not everyone you meet will be your new best friend. But at the end of the day, at least you’ll have met someone. And that someone may introduce you another someone who becomes your new bestest buddy.



How do you make new in real life friends?

It may take time, but someone out there will be your friend…  promise. Even if you’re into the naked bungee jumping thing.

– Ashley

Married to a commercial pilot (swoon), Ashley Fitting juggles life in NoCal with a toddler and a wee one on the way! When Ashley is not ‘with child’ she drinks a $#*T ton of wine and knows a thing or two about chickens and living a sustainable lifestyle. Twitter: @ItsAFitting

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Ashley (14 Posts)

Lives life with her professional pilot husband (*swoon*) while sneaking in some cooking, cleaning, crafting and the mayhem of a toddler (with another on they way!) Oh and drinking a $#*T ton of wine! Twitter: @ItsAFitting


  1. Finding friends when you are thirty- & forty-something is difficult. I have made some really great friends by checking out forums of things I enjoy. Sports, music, brands, food, entertainment, outdoors, reading…whatever.

  2. I have lived at my home since January and we haven’t made any little friends for my son yet to play with, and it’s frustrating. I’ve totally put myself out there too, but no one responds. Luckily, we’ve always lived in the area and a quick trip in the car makes a playmate with one of his good friends.
    It’s really hard to make new friends as an adult, but yes, just getting out in the world is what does it. That’s how I met all of my sons friends and all of my local mommy friends.

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