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CES 2012 Recap

CES 2012 Recap

The International CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) happened in Las Vegas this week, and luck me, I got to attend!  It was my first CES show, and just like any conference virgin, I wasn’t exactly prepared because I didn’t know what to expect.  I had heard about all the tech geeks and gadget whores, but I didn’t necessarily fit into either of those categories.  I gave it my best shot, and stuck it out for two whole days.  I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but then, started to get the hang of it and wrap my head around why this convention is so damn cool.

Day 1: After flirting my way past the $30 valet parking charge at the Hilton (yes, it was $30 to park anywhere within a 5-mile radius of the Hilton and Las Vegas Convention Center), my girlfriend and I stumbled into the Pavillion area where the Exhibitor space was set up.  Immediately bombarded by peeps who were hoping I was a Microsoft or Apple executive buyer in disguise, ready to discover their next big product.  It brought me back to my honeymoon in Bangkok when my husband and I wandered aimlessly around a 7-story shopping mall that looked quite similar to this area of CES.  I didn’t get what that was all about then, but it totally dawned on me as we made our way through the anxious looking sales reps looking to catch themselves on that golden hook.  Once they knew we were “just bloggers” they immediately lost interest and moved on to the next big thing.  So did we.

We made our way onto the Show Floor were top brands were showcasing their latest trends and technology that will soon be a household word for us.  First up was Ford and their environmentally friendly electric car with voice recognition.  They were beautiful and sleek and so deliciously new, you wanted to own one right away.  I have been impressed with Ford after I heard about their social media efforts during their North America International Auto Show in Detroit a few weeks ago, where they invited 100 bloggers to attend and talk about what they learned.  Forward thinking.  Innovative.  Not only in their products but in their marketing.  Let’s see how that electric car takes off in the future.

Moving slowly across the space to the Kid@Play and Mommy Tech area.  Honestly, it wasn’t all that interesting.  I found two products that really knocked my socks off, the geo palz pedometer by the same company who created the jibbitz for Crocs, and this amazing idea called a baby monitor.  No, no, it’s no ordinary monitor, and no, it’s not even the cool digital video monitor…you know the one that costs $200 then doesn’t ever work? (I owned two.).  It’s an amazing concept launching in the United States next week via, called Smart Baby Monitor by Withings, where you can actually take your kids to work! A video camera, smartphone and an app allows you to take your kids wherever you go.  Take your virtual nanny cam to work, on date night, to the gym…wherever, and whenever you feel the need to check in on your little buggers, you just pop open the app and watch them play, sleep, eat, fight…whatever.  Of course, you still need to have an actual nanny present, but it’s nice to know you can go anywhere and have peace of mind.

The big finale of Day 1 was walking literally into the 21st Century.  Samsung’s “How Smart is your 3D?” campaign had everyone chatting, and it was impressive.  Walking in, we were handed a pair of glasses to wear during our “experience”.  A football field length of 3D televisions covered the faux wall in front of us where a display of graphic designs were floating around, right in front of our face.  Once inside, we were bombarded with women dancing right out of the screen, a gymnast flipping right onto the guy’s head in front of me, temptations of food being offered as if I could grab it and take it to-go.  I have heard talk about this 3D TV idea, but never in a million years did I think I would want one.  I’m telling you, the 3D TV is better than the 3D movies! The picture was so real, so clear, so sharp.  We just couldn’t get over how amazing it was.  I seriously felt like what was happening on the TV was happening in the room we were standing in.

After  that, we decided there was nothing else left to impress us for the day, so we headed out to make our way back to the ‘burbs before we were stuck in the mad CES traffic on the freeways.

Day 2: This day was all about the bloggers.  We were fortunate enough to sit in on the sessions provided to those wanting to learn more about blogging and social media, and those who are already involved.  It was a great perspective coming from both sides of the fence.  The Dirty Little Secrets of Mommy Bloggers was definitely the most informative, with some of the top women from the blogging world as panelists: Laura Simpson, Global Director of McCann World Group Truth Central; Beth Blecherman of TechMama; Stacy de Broff of Mom Central; and Rebecca Levy of Beccarama and

Moving out of the sessions and back onto the floor, we walked right into the MixTrax by Pioneer USA with the most pimped out car I have seen in some time.  MixTrax is a music playlist that selects music based on your mood.  it calculates what you are enjoying listening to by the beats and rhythms then creates playlists for you.  The car they had all tricked out was totally wild and crazy sexy with a white leather lounge chairs, a laser show and mood music.  A futuristic Austin Powers ride.  Out of control cool.

After that got us all pumped up, we made our way over to the other side of Samsung…the appliances and cameras.  I love a great camera, but that’s not what caught my attention.  Yes, I’m about to have a mature mommy moment.  It was the refrigerator.  Have you heard about this?  It’s a French-door style fridge with three separate compartments, and get this…has a built-in tablet.  At the first glance, you think what is this overpriced thing?  Why do I need a computer on my fridge?  Let me tell you.  You NEED a computer on your fridge.  Not only does this baby do the obvious things, like tell you when the door is open, time for a new filter or the temperature has changed, but it also does everything short of cooking the food for you.  I’m sure there are a million things you can do on this computer, but let me just tell you the ones that stood out the most:

  • It builds a shopping list for you.
  • It tells you when food is about to expire.
  • It can give you recipe recommendations based on what you have in your fridge.
  • You can turn the middle compartment into a wine fridge, a holding fridge, or a soft freezer.

I had to be pulled away.  The price didn’t even scare me with a retail value of $3500, that number will only drop, and one day be more affordable.  By then the technology will be even better, and all four of my kids will be eating me out of house and home.  I figure it will be perfect timing for me!

After those highlights, what more could you ask for?  Oh, maybe a private performance by Kellie Pickler on the Sony stage as we walked out. And, those tech geeks?  A lot of them were actually head turners…not surprised given they  define the new Geek Chic.   It was me who felt a bit out-of-place with my new iPhone 4S which, I’m sure by their measures, was already outdated.

Have you been to CES? What was the coolest gadget or tech toy you have seen?


– Stefanie

Director of Events + Social Media, Stefanie Van Aken, navigates the glitz and glamour of the best Las Vegas guest lists in search of the latest & greatest places to eat, stay and play. Twitter: @RockStarMomLV

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  1. OMG, I’m such a dork that this sounds like HEAVEN to me. And that fridge? Probably the most exciting thing you blogged about 🙂 I’m all for great technology in my kitchen. I’ve never been to CES but let’s do a sleepover at your house next year and we’ll ALL go! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you there were definitely some interesting things worth seeing. The 3D bit sounds very cool! That refrigerator sounds amazing! Very futuristic.

    CES is the one conference I didn’t go to when I was working in the e-commerce space but my colleagues who went always found it very good. Glad you got to check it out!

  3. P.S. On a non-CES topic, I’m loving that cute hat you’re wearing in the first photo!


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