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Detox | Blueprint Cleanse

Detox | Blueprint Cleanse

Blueprint 3-Day Renovation Cleanse. It was hard, but not impossible. I’ve been wanting to do a juice cleanse for as long as I can remember, but two things stopped me: a.) I have zero willpower and knew I would be sneaking and cheating left and right if I was in charge of preparing my own meals and b.) I was scared to death. Of what? I have no idea, the taste? The Hunger? The detox? The fact I do not like beets? Not sure, but whatever the case is, I do know it prevented me from taking the plunge sooner.

I needed to kick off 2012 feeling healthy. 2011 was a doozy for me and in retrospect, all of the stress and anxiety involved really put a toll on my mind, body and overall health. I really felt crappy all the time. Between the migraines, aches, pains, dental problems and insomnia, I had enough. I vowed in 2012 to get back on track and take care of myself. I just needed a kick-start.

This time around was different. For the very first time I didn’t factor in shedding “The LBS” as my main goal to starting a Blueprint Cleanse. I felt that if I were cut myself I would bleed white powder from all the sugar, salt and flour I’d been consuming. I can’t remember a time that I ever felt so gross and bloated. I wanted to unzip my body and walk out of my shell so badly. I needed to feel empty. I needed to know everything gross was out of my system. Healthy again. I know you can eat differently, I understand there are books and diets out there, but I’d cheat. I’d cheat without even realize I am cheating. I was clearly addicted to flour and sugar or I wouldn’t have opted for this route in the first place. I made a calculated decision to do something that was structured and clearly defined. Fail proof.

I love my greens. That wasn’t going to be an issue. I could live on green vegetables, but I despise, detest and abhor celery. Gross. After reviewing Blueprint Cleanse I settled on the 3-Day Renovation Cleanse™ so that I didn’t sabotage myself right out of the gate if the green juice was too heavy on the stalks. I have never made a better choice. But we’ll get to that in a moment.I decided to have the bottles delivered while the husband was out-of-town so that I wouldn’t have the temptation of having to prepare meals every night. I guess you could say that my daughter participated in a cleanse too since I banned from the house anything with sugar, flour or that was processed – so she while she normally eats healthy, this week she ate extremely healthy and would even steal gulps of my juices the second my head was turned.

I love that Blueprint Cleanse delivers right to your door; however the 2 pm – 9:30 pm window for delivery was worse than waiting for the cable man. And if you are not there to sign for it they will not leave it. So while I was praying for an early delivery, of course mine was one of the very last ones at almost 9 p.m. That was very, very inconvenient and I still cringe thinking about that wasted day.

As recommended, in preparation for the 3-Day Renovation Blueprint Cleanse, I ate pretty clean. A few days before I stopped consuming meat, chicken and other heavy meals while loading up on salads and fruit. I also put the kabosh on processed foods, flour and sugar. I just wanted it out of my system. I also replaced my Diet Coke with water and green tea. So far, easy peasy.

Rise and shine! Wake up and prepared myself hot water with lemon as instructed by the email I received from Blueprint Cleanse  that morning to gently kick-start your body.

Then it was bottoms up! I was so excited! It was time for The Green Monster Juice. With the consistency of apple juice, and much sweeter than I anticipated, Green Juice is composed of romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon, I threw my first gulp back and EEEK! It wasn’t horrible, but all I could taste was celery and cucumber so these puppies were going to be my Everest. So I chugged it down as quickly as I could. **Thank goodness I picked Level 1 because I would never get down any more of this green juice than I had to.**

Next up was the P.A.M. Pineapple, Apple and Mint. I couldn’t get enough. It was so delish. I can’t even think about it without drooling. I just wish single servings were available because I would drink this daily. Heck, on an hourly basis! It was perfection in a bottle.

Now is was time for the infamous Blueprint Cleanse Green Juice again. Oh joy. And I say that with every bit of sarcasm I can muster up. It was just as difficult getting down the second time. Only four more Green Monsters left!

After consuming the Green Death Juice and P.A.M. I expected the Spicy Lemonade to taste very similar to the Master Cleanse concoction on crack, but I was wrong. It was really blah. You would think lemon, agave and cayenne would have some type of kick to it, but after the P.A.M. it was a buzz kill.

Oh boy. It’s time. Beets. Did I mention that beets frighten me as much as celery? This is the part of the cleanse I was dreading the whole time. Then I just did it.  C.A.B. Carrots + apples + beets (add in some ginger and lemon) = OH EM GEE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Dear Blueprint Cleanse, thank you! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time! All I could think about was how much I wish I could mainline this stuff right into my arm. This stuff is amazing. Awesomesauce. The bombdiggity.

After this yummy “beet treat” I was really jonesing to dive into the Cashew Milk because all of the consumer reviews online made this sound like the nectar of the gods. I am sad to report, I didn’t love it as much as I wanted. Compared to the P.A.M. and C.A.B., I thought the Cashew Milk was bland. I loved the texture and I think if it had just a little more vanilla it would have been the best way to round out the day.

Overall, three days had passed and I was not hungry at all, but I did have every side-effect imaginable worst being waking up on Day 2 with a migraine that would bring an elephant to his knees. I had the chills, the shakes, fatigue, irritability, foggy brain, and my joints hurt, but I refused to cheat and guess what…I did it! I made it three days and it wasn’t until after all was said and done that I felt amazing! The best part was my body no longer cared about flour and sugar. It craved only super healthy foods. And the bloating was gone, so the mission was accomplished!

Added bonus? You know those extra few lbs. I didn’t care about? Ummm, scratch that! When the love handles have disappeared and the scale reflects 12.4 lbs difference…I care!  Over eight weeks later and not only have I kept it off, but my new view on healthy eating combined with the MyFitnessPal iPhone app has allowed me to drop an additional two more pounds. Blueprint Cleanse gave  me the focus I was lacking all last year.

The best part of the whole Blueprint Cleanse experience? Crappy food doesn’t taste good anymore. That alone was worth consuming all that Green Juice. The most important lesson I learned? To all those who say you can just eat healthier, avoid processed foods, change your diet, you don’t have to live on juice, you’ll gain the weight back, blah, blah, blah…guess what?! I know now that you’ve never done a 3-day all juice cleanse because those things would never come out of your mouth if you did! So stick a carrot in it.

Would I do a Blueprint Cleanse again? Absolutely. I’m ready. Sign me up for 5-Days!

– Nicole 

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A NJ transplant living in SoCal, Nicole Standley, digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley



nicole (106 Posts)

Founder + Editor-In-Chief, Nicole is a NJ transplant living in SoCal, who digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley


  1. It’s interesting to read someone else’s take on three-day juice cleanses. Everyone always says have fantastic they are or how they feel afterwards. I did one similar last year but there were 3 greens, 1 strawberry concoction, 1 lemonade/cayenne, 1 cashew milk.
    The greens were so hard to choke down. I thought if they’d had more apple they’d be more tolerable. The lemonade gave me crazy heartburn. And I hated the texture of the cashew (which I thought was comparable to vomit). The strawberry one was the best but I guess that’s to be expected. Honestly, I didn’t even make it through the entire three days. Afterwards I figured since I owned a juicer that I could make my own to suit my tastes and at a fraction of the price.
    The beet juice sounds delicious but I’m a huge fan of beets. I suggest ordering the “Sunrise” from the juice bar at Mother’s Market!
    Congrats on riding those toxins and losing some weight to boot! I can’t echo enough your sentiment of “unzipping” and “shedding the shell.” This is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling lately. I feel a bit time detox coming on.

    • I hear you! I had no idea what to expect. It’s only 3 days, and it’s not like you are never going to eat food again. I’d really like to do the 5-Day next. I will gladly put up with it in order to feel that great again. Can you please ping me which one you tried? Thanks!

  2. I kind of wish I had the willpower to do one of these. Apple, pineapple and mint sounds amazing together, I wonder if I cuold smoothie that up?

  3. The best part of the P.A.M. was the apple juice consistency, so I’m not sure how a smoothy would translate. Megan, if you can do the 3-Day (and just remind yourself that you WILL eat food again,) you will not only be so happy you did it, but you will do it again, and again without thinking twice about willpower!

  4. Hi! I know this was a year ago but stumbled upon your blog. Am seriously considering BCP. I’m really astounded that you kept off the 12 lbs!!!! I’m so worried that I’ll put the few lbs I may lose (hopefully?!) right back on when i have my first meal.

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