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Hollywood Hangout | Dan Tana’s

Hollywood Hangout | Dan Tana’s

A NJ transplant living in SoCal, Nicole Standley, digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley

In the 12 years I’ve lived on the West Coast, Dan Tana’s is the only Italian restaurant in Southern California that can rival those that I grew up dining at in New Jersey. It is pretty rare to find restaurants that feature authentic recipes without having changed the dish with modernized takes on the already amazing classics.

The moment you walk through the door of this West Hollywood hangout, you are immediately transported to the comforts of an east-coast “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant with the vibe of my grandmother’s house on a Sunday afternoon. With Chianti bottles swaying from the ceiling and a New York Giants helmet positioned above the bar, one would have positively no clue that right outside this restaurant you were in the land of sunshine and palm trees until you turn to your left and find yourself face-to-face with George Clooney. Yes, he is a regular.

Having been born to a family with “a vowel at the end of my name,” I have been spoiled and I am very critical when it comes to Italian food. No one could prepare it better than my grandmother, well until Dan Tana’s. The gnocchi is light and airy, done al gusto and the shrimp scampi prepared perfectly in the most delicious sauce you could imagine.

Recently, Wendy and I stopped by Dan Tana’s and when I checked-in on Facebook without missing a beat, a fellow east coaster pinged me saying, “Thank you for reminding me of my MOST favorite restaurant and best meal EVER!” Nope, we didn’t see Mr. Clooney, but we did get caught in the paparazzi crossfire because Paris Hilton and the whole Hilton family was enjoying dinner right next to us., Paris, Nicky, Mom, and Dad. Nicky Hilton even has a dish named for herself on the menu.

So come with an appetite because portions are quite large and while reasonable, it can fare on the pricey side, but well worth it.

Dan Tana’s  9071 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood  310.275.9444

Have you had the chance to feast at Dan Tana’s? What is your favorite dish?

– Nicole

nicole (106 Posts)

Founder + Editor-In-Chief, Nicole is a NJ transplant living in SoCal, who digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley


  1. Seriously, the gnocchi at Dan Tana’s might be my “last meal” choice. It was heavenly. I’m surprised you didn’t write about the blinding lights every time the door swung open!! Fun night.

    • I had so much fun that night! Thank you for being my date. I still have nightmares about doors flying open and paparazzi flashes blinding me. Wait…is that even a nightmare?!

  2. I’m so there the next time I’m in that part of the world! Italian food is one of my top 2 favorite types of cuisine, especially authentic Italian. You also had me sold at “…find yourself staring face-to-face with George Clooney.” Wow.

    • Katy, it the food was amazing. You really do need to make sure and try this place out the next time you are in the states! You’ll love it.

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