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Such Great Heights | Navitat Zip Line Adventures

Such Great Heights | Navitat Zip Line Adventures
A NJ transplant living in SoCal, Nicole Standley, digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley
1985 – My Girl Scout troop camped overnight at the Hilton.
2003 – I drive to the gas station each time I need to use the restroom when camping.

2012 – I zip line and live to tell…

Let’s face it, I don’t do nature. I also don’t leave my comfort zone. I dig in my heels, cross my arms and pout before I am made to do anything I am not OK with. So I’m still very perplexed on why, without hesitation, I replied, “HELLS YES!” to an invitation from  Navitat Canopy Adventures in Wrightwood, CA for a day of zip lines, rappels, hikes and suspension bridges. Who am I?! No, seriously, WHAT AM I DOING? Hmmm? This might be my only chance to act like Lara Croft.

As for my athletic ability, let’s just say I have none. Zero. No joke. Wet noodle arms and if you see me running, call the cops because I’m being chased, it is not for fun or exercise, it’s a life or death situation. But the Navitat Team of Caley, Joe, Lexie and Evan, still welcomed me with tons of encouragement, instruction and even rescued my noob butt twice (I WORSHIP JOE…) when I managed to stop myself early and get stranded on a cable 390,345,830,945 feet above the ground. This is a BIG DEAL friends, can I please get props for not losing my ever-living mind? We all know I can freak out with the best of them, but I remained calm because I must say, Team Navitat is the coolest bunch of cats when hanging out in the treetops. These trained instructors made it easy for me to forget any apprehensions because I instantly felt safe and really taken care even before I could remember to panic.   SO REQUEST JOE AND LEXIE as your adventure guides because they have mad skills …subtle hint…and remember to tip them well!!!

Altogether, spanning 7,500 feet, the Navitat Canopy Adventure is spread out over 300 acres with long-range views of the Mojave, the Sierras and the San Bernardino Range. With the highest elevation reaching 7,400 feet, there are 17 tree platforms, ten (10) zip lines (the longest being 1,500 feet), three (3) rappels, two (2) suspension bridges and one (1) set of sky stair for my bad-arse to conquer. There was something pretty amazing about soaring 300 feet in the air at 45 MPH and spotting my shadow on untouched snow, it was surreal. Yes, coming from a girl who knows squat about being “one” with nature, I had a “moment” people!

That moment was almost short-lived because for some reason the thought of rappeling scared the bejesus out of me. I’m not sure why. There was nothing that was going to prepare me to “trust my gear” while hanging my ka-dunk-a-dunk off the side of a perch doing the shimmy-shimmy-yeah down a rope. That’s until I put myself in character and pretended I was Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith…SO MUCH FUN!!!  Definitely a power trip, but I can’t lie, the suspension bridges are a little unnerving. These aren’t the same sky bridges at Disney kids, these are the real deal 200 feet above the ground. Foolishly, at first  glance I thought the sky staircase would be cake, BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That joke was on me, while they are super-duper cool, they made my thighs bark like an angry wildebeests halfway to the top.

I also would like to take a moment to acknowledge the other adventurers who came on this journey with me. We started out as complete strangers and after five hours of cheering each other on with encouragement and pure excitement, we left with a sense of pride and accomplishment that could not be easily described to someone who was not there to experience it first hand. I really enjoyed the company of my fellow bloggers.

Overall, the day was pure awesome and I still get butterflies thinking about it. Seriously, I still can’t believe I made it home alive…in one piece…didn’t throw up…fall out of a tree…pee mah pants…break an ankle…or {insert a catastrophe here}. And if that wasn’t enough, as I was driving home, I found myself sizing up every single telephone and electricity wire with snooty confidence, “Pfffft! I could zip that…easily.”  I’m a certified nut-job.

I may have gotten stuck twice, and owe a steak dinner to my guide, Joe, for rescuing me twice, but HOLY SHIITAKE…I put the ‘me’ in awesome and this chic finished the course!!! {Insert Rocky Theme Song}

– Nicole

So here are some extra deets before you break out with the R.Kelly version of  I Believe I Can Fly:

  • Season opens March 31st and is only a 90-minute drive from LA and Orange County.
  • It’s cold up there. Dress appropriately. I was FREEZING.
  • Be prepared to hike. I did it, so it’s not bad at all!
  • You need to weigh-in between 90 – 250 lbs.
  • The tour is not short. We were out there for about 4.5 – 5 hours.
  • Maximum number of guests per tour is eight (8).
  • Tour price: $109 per adult and $99 per youth
  • Check Navitat out on Facebook and Twitter

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Founder + Editor-In-Chief, Nicole is a NJ transplant living in SoCal, who digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley


  1. That looks like SO much fun!!!! Next time I’m out for a visit…that and the trapeeze!

    • I’m so doing the trapeeze thing with you!

  2. Sounds like an amazing experience! Congrats to you for doing this. Love this type stuff and I definitely want to do this one day. This comment still has me laughing, “…if you see me running, call the cops because I’m being chased, it’s not for fun or exercise, it’s a life or death situation.” You are funny! 🙂

    • The sad thing is that it is so true. If you see me running, I’m sure there is someone behind me wielding a machete!

  3. I am so proud of you! And jealous! I so so so so so want to zip line again! Plus the rappels and bridges – FUN! You killed it girl!

    • Thanks Wendy! I had no clue it was going to be anything like this. I’m still astonished at how high up 300 feet really is! I thought I would only be as high as the telephone wires! Nuts!

  4. Thanks for a great read. I already miss you! Even though you might dread the prospect of reading it, here’s my post on our amazing adventure: Thanks for making it one awesome day!

    • Hi Debi! Thanks for stopping by! I had such a great time with you the other day. I do have to tell you – I didn’t feel that badly on Sunday, but I’m feeling it hardcore a few days later!

  5. Love your rendition of the experience. I’m still laughing…so glad you survived!!
    It was a memorable adventure for all of us, and the company of fellow-writers made it even better.
    My article link:

    Take care.


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