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Broadway by Amar Santana

Broadway by Amar Santana

Director of Health + Beauty, Wendy Nielsen, thinks reality TV and her iPhone are just as important as air, wants to kick cancer in the shins and a huge girlcrush on Gwen Stefani. Twitter: @Wendy_Nielsen

My girlfriends and I found ourselves at Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach for dinner last week. This contemporary American restaurant has been open for less than a year but has already received stellar reviews including one in April’s Orange Coast Magazine and has recently been named OpenTable’s Top 100 Best “Hot Spots” in the country. We were a little intimidated by the sophisticated menu but in the end were treated to an exceptional meal in a space I can only describe as “industrial luxe.”


Chef Santana, formerly Executive Chef of Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdales, South Coast Plaza, says his “modern cuisine of the Americas” menu features “top quality ingredients with a focus on local farms.” The menu is divided into first and second courses with plates starting at $8 to $38. They have an overwhelmingly large wine selection as well as a selection cocktails they call “House Concoctions.”

We ordered a moderately priced bottle of Malbec and nibbled on crispy bread sticks as we looked over the menu. The first plate to catch my eye was the roasted and pickled beet salad served with burrata cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, puffed black rice and nasturtium (an edible plant similar to watercress). We decided we would get the beet salad, an order of french fries with a chipotle aioli (completely and 100% addicting), and the highly recommended fried brussels sprouts to share as our first course. The fried brussels sprouts were out of control. They were perfectly crisp and paired with Chinese sausage, cilantro, and sweet and sour sauce that took my love for these little cabbages to another level.

Choosing the second course was a bit more challenging. The vegetarian in our party had only one option to choose from – a toasted barley risotto – and the gluten-free eater opted for another starter – Japanese hamachi – as her main course. I chose the pan roasted Mary’s chicken with parmesan polenta, trumpet royale mushrooms, and shishito peppers. I enjoyed my dish but could have died and gone to heaven with the first course alone.


Since we were celebrating a birthday we decided we must have dessert and ordered the caramel chocolate ganache tart with cinnamon whipped cream, vanilla maldon salt, and a chipotle chocolate ice cream. The plate arrived with its components deconstructed and accompanied by a burning cinnamon stick. I’m still not sure of the relevance of the cinnamon stick but it certainly was a conversation piece. The chipotle chocolate ice cream was incredible. It was cold and smooth quickly followed by smoke and spice. And when you put the tart and ice cream together? Out of this world.

For a Monday night, Broadway by Amar Santana was packed. A long banquet table is available for larger parties while a bank of seats hug the wall in this narrow restaurant. Chef Santana designed the dining room so that his patrons would get a great view of the “show” happening in the open kitchen. The steely gray walls and glass lamps strangely compliment the hammered nail Louis XVI-style dining chairs and rustic wooden tables. It’s a beautiful spot for an intimate dinner for two or a party of twelve.


Broadway by Amar Santana

328 GLENNEYRE ST, LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651 (949) 715-8234 

Reservations are recommended. 

– Wendy

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  1. This looks like a gorgeous restaurant with beautiful food! I may have to head north just to visit Broadway, sounds like a great time.

    • Amanda, You definitely should stop in to Broadway. I saw on their website that they always try to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and GF patrons! My friend who was with us is a strict vegetarian and she didn’t go home starving.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This sounds exactly like my type of place! Thank you for sharing it with us! …Now when do you want to go back?

    • Ha! We’ll definitely have to go – at least for apps and dessert!

  3. THis looks so wonderful — I love elegantly presented meals.

    • Everything was elegant but not stuffy. Such a great vibe, great music, great energy.

  4. This place looks amazing!! I need to go try it out. 🙂

    • You definitely need to drop in! It’s in the Laguna Village (essentially downtown) and they aren’t open for lunch. So make a special date with your hubby! xo

  5. You got me with the french fries (one of my favorite foods!) I’d love to try it next time we’re in Laguna Beach, a place I really like! Thanks for sharing such a great review and tempting photos!

    • The french fries were great – especially with the dipping sauce. Amazing! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. What a cool place! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Laguna, but this is the perfect excuse to go. Can’t wait to try those fries with the chipotle aioli!!

    • Like I said above, you won’t be disappointed. Laguna Beach is my home away from home – I love it there and this restaurant is such an awesome addition to the city!

  7. there is so much yum happening on this post.

    • There was so much YUM happening that night! So delish! Thanks for commenting!!

  8. I feel a girls night out coming on!

    • I’m DOWN! Let’s plan something!! Email me!

  9. Okay, I seriously am making a trip to Laguna just to go to this place. And I’m not joking. We will find fun activities to do down there, but I am specifically heading down for this food!

    • You should definitely come south! Lots of fun things to do in Laguna!! I’m ten minutes inland from there so I’d be happy to meet up! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  10. Chipotle chocolate ice cream?! Oh my wow! Sounds like quite a dining experience!

    • It was ridiculous. I wasn’t so sure at first but it was totally addicting!

  11. I’ve been on a quest for delicious Brussel Sprouts- they sound amazing! I think we found our restaurant for next year’s trip to the Pageant of the Masters.

  12. I have suddenly become REALLY into brussel sprouts. Your description alone makes me want to drive up the canyon to Broadway today!!!!!

  13. I need to drive to the OC that looks amazing!!! xoxo

  14. I’ve not heard of this restaurant but we’re total foodies….I love that there are GF options…and chipotle chocolate ice cream? Delish!

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