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Take a Load Off

Take a Load Off

A NJ transplant living in SoCal, Nicole Standley, digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley

Everything I’ve ever needed to know about laundry I learned from Vanessa Lachey. No, really…it’s true.

Last week, Tide® ColdWater® invited me to Take a Load Off in Hollywood, where I was able to tour the Tide pop-up event and then sit down with the soon-to-be mom, beautiful hostess of ABC’s Wipeout, wife of Nick Lachey and spokeswoman for Tide ColdWater detergent, at the beautiful Twist restaurant inside the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Mrs. Lachey knows her stuff. Let me tell you, not only was I impressed, but I was left blown away because I never realized how much of a positive impact my family alone could have on the environment by switching to cold water.

Did you know if everyone in the U.S. washed in cold water, the energy saved:

  • Could power the Empire State Building for 444 years?
  • Is equivalent to the energy produced at the Hoover Dam for 4 years?
  • Could power the streetlights of the Manhattan for 71 years?


Now if your household alone switched to cold water washing for just a year, you would save enough energy to:

  • Watch TV for 1,363 hours. That is 57 days!
  • Play Xbox 360 for 684 hours. Or 29 days!
  • Charge an iPhone 4S 30,861 times.
  • Power an average new refrigerator for nearly 4 months.

Just by making a concerted effort to flip that switch, the difference your small family can make is huge.

Tide ColdWater has made this challenge (if you can even call it that) super simple. They have designed a specially formulated detergent that provides a deep clean in cold temperatures. That means your towels will be cleaner than ever, your darks darkers, brights brighter, whites whiter, and the money you save can be added to that purse and shoe fund! Plus, by switching you will save up to 80% of the energy used per load. Again…WOW.

Are you sold yet? OK, time to bring out the big guns…by washing your garments in cold water they will last longer. Pow! Pow! Finger guns.

So I double dog dare you to make the switch from hot to cold. And if my begging isn’t enough, Tide ColdWater and Future Friendly have launched the Take A Load Off sweepstakes on the Future Friendly Facebook page where you can win…wait for it…a brand new washer and dryer. Sign. Me. Up!

Make the switch.

– Nicole

This post was made possible by SheSpeaks and Tide who provided me with VIP perks for attending the event. And an extra special shout out to my driver, Steve, from Crown Limousine who made getting there and back the best experience possible! Thank you!!!

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Founder + Editor-In-Chief, Nicole is a NJ transplant living in SoCal, who digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley


  1. I couldn’t attend that event due to work, but I’m glad to see you had fun! We actually wash all our clothes in cold with Tide, but I’m excited to try out this Tide that is specific for cold washes!

    loved your post!

  2. It was a nice day. I enjoyed having some girl time! I hope we’re at an event together soon!

  3. I am quite envious of this limo ride. It must have been quite a feeling being fetched and driven to a destination in style.

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