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House Cleaning Sucks.

House Cleaning Sucks.

house cleaning sucks

How many of you out there hate cleaning? *raises hand*

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a clean house, I just dislike (like probably more than a few of you) actually DOING it. And since we won’t be getting a maid or house staff anytime soon, I figured I’d better learn to do it quickly.

The problem is, when you have a young child, time to yourself is precious and fleeting, and the idea of spending their entire nap cleaning your house? Brutal. In fact, even if you DON’T have a small child, who wants to spend their precious time cleaning? Sure as hell not me, unless I’m getting paid for it.

Enter the Fly Lady. A dear friend of mine introduced the concept to me when we first moved to our new house and I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed. How do you clean a house with a kid that can’t be left alone unless during naps? How do you get anything done in that very short window of opportunity? And how do you find time for yourself when you feel like you need to be cleaning every second of the day?

Her solution is structure. A structured plan that lays out what to do on certain days, complete with a timer to set the amount of time that you’re going to spend on it. Her mantra? If you didn’t finish in the time allotted, move on. After a while, your whole house will be clean and you really haven’t spent that much time and energy on it. I’m a big fan of structure, probably because I am the worlds BIGGEST scatterbrain. If I don’t write EVERYTHING down, I’m inevitably going to either forget it, or not do it. And I’m in love with checklists. Checking off boxes has got to be the most gratifying thing in the world to me.

Some people find her process a little bit overwhelming, but I took her plan and adapted it to my own needs. Getting “dressed to the shoes” every morning before I head downstairs? Ha. Ain’t gonna happen. But everyday, I have a list of things to do… And a “zone” that I’m going to do them in. She teaches that if you stick to a certain zone for the week, where you will do your deep cleaning, then eventually you’ll have the entire house cleaned. Each day there is a different task. For example, Monday is the day when you vacuum every room, but only the center. Don’t move any furniture. Set a timer for ten minutes per room and don’t stress about it. Sounds nuts right? But it means that every week your house is going to be nice and vacuumed and then the weekly zone that you’re focusing on will get deep cleaned.

The best part? It all happens in a reasonable amount of time. Instead of hours of cleaning, you’re looking at 20-30 minutes at a time. That’s what I’m talking about!

So many people have an all or nothing about cleaning (heck, everything) that when it gets to be too much, you give up. I have been trying to have the same attitude about cleaning that I do about food. Everything in moderation. If you spend too much time stressing about what is clean or not clean, you’re going to throw in the towel and things are going to get really messy. If you try to do a little bit a time, you’ll probably be more successful.

So if you’re in the same boat and trying to find a better plan or a better way to keep your house clean, make a schedule, make a checklist and get organized. Check out the Fly Lady, or make your own. Because there really is a way to get it all finished.

But like everything else in life, make sure to do it in moderation.


– Ashley

Married to a commercial pilot (swoon), Ashley Fitting juggles life in NoCal with a toddler and a wee one on the way! When Ashley is not ‘with child’ she drinks a $#*T ton of wine and knows a thing or two about chickens and living a sustainable lifestyle. Twitter: @ItsAFitting

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Lives life with her professional pilot husband (*swoon*) while sneaking in some cooking, cleaning, crafting and the mayhem of a toddler (with another on they way!) Oh and drinking a $#*T ton of wine! Twitter: @ItsAFitting


  1. I remember hearing about FlyLady on messgae boards after my son was born- when I was ‘so busy’ and cleaning was ‘hard’. I laugh at myself now, with a 2 1/2 whirlwind destroying whatever I do.
    Will check it out!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I hate the saying “everything in moderation.” I need clear lines, definitions, black and white. With that said, I love a clean house. And I love to clean too. True confession: few things beat downing a SF Red Bull, throwing on some great tunes, and deep cleaning the crap out of my house. I find it so ultra gratifying. Another true confession: I’ve even thought about opening my own house cleaning biz. The reason is because I know I can do it so much better than what is out there. BUT…cleaning someone else’s crap is so much different than my I’ll pass on that idea.

    Now, I do have a cleaning lady who comes twice a month and does the things I really don’t care to do regularly. Like moving the furniture to vacuum or scrubbing the soap scum in the shower. But she still isn’t meeting my expectations. I like the dust cleaned from the window sills and up off the baseboards. I’m a fanatic.

    However, you’d never know this if you saw my house right now. I sea of dog hair litters my floors, junk sits everywhere, piles of dirty and clean laundry strewn about. It’s because I have two options. Engage with my child or sit her in front of the TV while I clean the house everyday, I really don’t want her thinking that the house is more important than her. So I choose her.

    But I’d love a day sans child to clean, clean, clean. You might want to commit me now.

  3. Wendy, I LOVE it. Come clean my house. And I LOVE moderation 🙂 Otherwise I burn out. The best part about the process though is that there ARE clear lines though. Defined things that you need to do every day. So you might like it. But if you enjoy deep cleaning your house… I have no words. Other than, teach me oh guru.

  4. I hate cleaning, but I have to- we can’t afford help right now. With three kids I’m constantly trying to keep up! I’m acutally posting a printable that I came up with as a checklist for the week- I’ll be posting it on Thursday, I think. It’s sort of inspired by the FlyLady- I definitely try to do a bit each day rather than all at once. And Wendy and her deep cleaning? Wish I had that love- sometimes I have to do one, but I never enjoy it.

  5. I can think of 2934580958 things I would rather do. No joke.

  6. I’m not a fan of having to all the different cleaning activities. I favor some more than others. For example, I’d much rather wash a sinkful of dishes than iron a single piece of clothing or wash the sheets then make the bed. I’m a freak like that. If I was in the US I’d definitely be checking out this Fly Lady thing! I think whenever you have a daunting project or task in front of you, taking it on in a structured manner like that really helps get through it.

  7. OK ignore “if I was in the US” comment. It’s still morning here, I’m off caffeine and I was thinking it was a service for a split second. I really DID read your whole piece. 🙂


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