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Techy Love | Can’t Live Without

Techy Love | Can’t Live Without

When I got my logo revised last year, the designer asked me for words that described me. Well, mom (duh), blogger, fashion, trends, home decor and well, technology. See, my background is high tech PR. Before wireless was something that we all used on a regular basis, I was pitching to magazines the majority of the world has never heard of. And through all this I developed a bit of “talent” of sorts – the ability to understand technology. And along with it came a bit of a love for all things digital.

Thus “Styley, Techy, Bloggy, Mommy” was born.

As my first post for The Trend Tribe, I was asked about my Top 10 Tech Loves. The things I can’t, and won’t, live without. I could have gone on and on.. 10 IS slightly limiting..

10 Tech Things I Can't Live Without

#1 iProducts |  Once you go Mac you never go back. The three most vital items I use daily are my beloved Apple products. My MacBook is my best friend. My iPhone is my lifeline and my iPad just makes me smile.

#2 & #3 Protection | I love my babies and swaddle them and protect them. Plus, cases are the best way to show your personal style. And yes, I have two cases for my iPhone – one for everyday use and one (with a strap and wallet) for parties. So I never have to chose between holding my wine or my phone at a party.

#4 Lululemon Gym Bag / Computer bag | I bought it on a trip to NYC and it’s by the far the best computer bag I’ve ever had. Two years later it still looks great, and there is enough room in it for all the other things I shove in my bag.

#5 Tipulator App | Really, who can figure out a bill with 7 people after 5 bottles of wine? Unless you are an MIT math whiz, this app is a life saver.

#6 Bejewled Blitz | I’m a secret gamer. This is my crack that I hide in the bathroom to use.

#7 Toca Boca Apps | I think I have about 6 of them on both my iPhone and iPad. These apps are how I get to shop or have 5 minutes to think. They are the most amazing mobile babysitting apps out there (ie: keeps my 4 YO entertained for hours).

#8 Instagram | I love pictures and I love making them pretty. I love social media. I love sharing. BAM. The perfect app! And totally worth a million dollars.

#9 Pinterest | Well, duh. Yes. See above. Pictures + Pretty + Sharing. True love! And the best part of Pinterest, the Somee cards.

#10 My bedside charger/clock/radio | Last but not least, the last thing I see at night, the first thing I see in the morning, the reason my iProducts are fully charged. It looks nice and it’s a quick power surge. Get one. Use it. Love it.

And those were a few of my favorite “tech product things”.

– Beth

Beth “styley.techy.bloggy.mommy.” Avant can juggle it all while keeping up with the trends like none other. Oh, and make sure to ask her about her Vanilla Moose. He kinda sorta rocks! Twitter: @HipMamaB

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This “styley.techy.bloggy.mommy.” can juggle it all while keeping up with all the latest and greatest like none other. Oh, and make sure to ask her about her Vanilla Moose. He kinda sorta rocks! Twitter: @HipMamaB


  1. I downloaded the Toca Boca tea party for my toddler son and he adores it. I second the Toca Boca!

  2. It’s funny how addicting Bejeweled is! Lately the game addiction of choice at home is Scramble. DH and I have like three games going at once.

  3. I was a loyal blowhard PC fan. To think I dug my heels into the ground kicking and screaming and only adopted an “Apple Home” in 2006-ish. Pffft. What was I thinking wasting all those years and all that money on the other stuff.

  4. I have to agree with MAC- I love my MacBook Pro- I could never go back to a PC!
    I’ll have to try the apps to entertain the little one! Thanks!

  5. Great post Beth!
    I want that Lululemon bag. Love!

  6. Right there with you with the iProducts! Love my MacBook also and my iPhone, iPad are my right and left arm! Definitely going to download the Tipulator app! Oh the number of boozy dinners trying to calculate the bill!

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