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What to Pack | Weekend Getaway

What to Pack | Weekend Getaway

Sun. Sand. Surf. These three words make me think of one thing, a beach weekend getaway! It’s hard to beat that carefree feeling that overcomes you when you make your great escape from your everyday life to a weekend of bliss where your biggest decision is if you should tear yourself away from the beach for a massage at the spa. Keeping with the relaxed vibe of the weekend, packing for your trip should be a simple task. No need to complicate things with too many outfit choices and too many pairs of shoes. The key is to keep it simple and here is a list of tips on how to do exactly that.

What to pack:

Two swimsuits. Mix it up with different styles and have some fun!

Sarong or tunic. Select one you can wear both to the beach and with shorts and pants.

One pair of lightweight pants and shorts. Cropped or ankle-length pants are best.

Three tops. Choose short-sleeve or sleeveless options that go with your pants and shorts.


Two dresses. A Maxi dress and a short one are good options.

One cardigan or wrap. This will keep you from getting chilly in the evenings.

One pair of flat sandals and thongs. Bring sandals you can wear day or night and the thongs will come in handy for the beach. Leave the stilettos at home this trip ladies!

One casual clutch. A much better option for the evenings than a huge handbag.

Basic accessories. Bangles are a great one for beach weekends as are simple earrings. I’d leave the sparkling diamonds behind this trip.

Beach essentials: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, hair protector/leave-in conditioner, aloe vera, reading material, grooving tunes, snacks, (nuts and dried fruit are my favorites), and a beach bag. Choose a beach bag small enough to fit into your weekend bag. Most resorts also have them in the rooms for guests to use.

Chargers for gadgets. Luckily all “I” products use the same one so if you have an iPhone, iPad and iPod you’re all set with just one charger.

How to pack:

Fit everything into a weekend bag. If you can’t do this it’s a red flag you’re bringing too much. If you’re flying you avoid checking luggage this way also.

Choose clothing pieces you can wear with a few outfits and fabrics that won’t wrinkle.

Roll your clothes when packing as this helps with the wrinkle factor and it saves space in your bag.

Don’t wait until the last-minute to pack. Get everything laid out ahead of time, evaluate and swap out or remove items.


Voila! You’re all ready for your beach weekend getaway!

What are your tips for packing for a weekend getaway? Do share!

Katy (19 Posts)

Katy is our Director of Luxury Travel and resident ex-patriot living abroad in Singapore. Having just walked down the aisle in Bali, and back from her honeymoon in the Maldives, she documents her super cool world travels and personal journeys at Chamorro Chica. @Chamorro_Chica


  1. This is GREAT packing advice, especially the rolling part. Not only does it keep clothes from wrinkling, I swear it saves more room! The funny part is I’m usually so focused on packing the kids that I forget half the things I need- this is a good reminder to focus on me, too!

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful! I agree, the rolling part is key. My Grandmother actually taught me that one years ago when she was traveling quite a bit. It’s stuck with me ever since.

  2. This post is a definite bookmarker! Thank you. Amazing travel tips.

    • My pleasure! Hope it comes in handy for your next weekend escape!

  3. Oh my gosh. I just got major anxiety reading that it should all fit in to a weekend bag. My hair products alone take up a nice piece of travel real estate. Who has two thumbs and is high maintenance? This girl.

    • LOVE your commen Sharon! It made me laugh the minute I read it. The good thing about weekend bags is there are actually some large ones out there. I hear you on the products and truth be told I’ve been known to throw some select items into the bag of my other half when needed! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 🙂

  4. Great tips Katy, now to planning the weekend away……

    • Thanks Melissa! I do believe Bali is in your near future! 🙂

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