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Eve 6 | Live in San Berdoo

Eve 6 | Live in San Berdoo

Wife, journalist, ex-Girl Scout, self-proclaimed band geek, Megan adores anything yellow, Thai cuisine and is always on the search for the perfect leopard-print ballet flat. @MrsWndr

I stood at the edge of the crowd, shifting my Chuck-clad feet, my drink in the little plastic cup empty and cheap vodka taste in my mouth. A piece of my past was performing just a few feet away from me and I was being taken back to a time when my shoes were new and my jeans were cut a little bit lower.

Just as I always did then, though, I wore a black t-shirt.

I hadn’t really thought about Eve 6  in years. Their biggest hit ‘Inside Out’ was on the radio most when I was driving around in an ‘88 Acura Legend, racing from stoplight to stoplight and into the night at local dives. Slowly, they faded from my regular repertoire only to surface occasionally on my local radio station.

I walked into Stingers Bar and Nightclub in San Bernardino, CA excited for my blast to the past  just in time to catch a friend’s band, The Stillwinter. The steampunk-clad band is a self-described mix of Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182 and Paramore and a perfect start to a night of music that moved your feet and your heart.

Later in the night, the crowd pressed forward during a long break in anticipation of the headliners, peeked through the curtain  and cheered, iPhones snapping away when Eve 6 took the stage.

Eve 6’s Collins singing “At Least We’re Dreaming” At Stingers in San Bernardino June 9, 2012.

Back in the groove after being broken up for several years, Eve 6, now under the label Fearless Records, took the stage without missing a beat. With a joy and a passion that filled the small venue, Max Collins, chatting with the crowd like they were sitting on a sofa in a garage. Drummer, Tony Fagenson, plays with joy instead of the aggression found in so many local bands I’ve seen, and Jon Siebel’s powerful performance rounds out the trio making the crowd move with the music.

I felt the same freedom I had years ago, when the only things weighing me down was my keys in my pocket and my license which stated that I wasn’t quite 21 yet.

Eve 6 sounded just like they did during theirs and my glory days, young and fun and a little bit crazy.

Even after closing the curtain and coming out with Collins playing an acoustic At Least We’re Dreaming,  Eve 6 kept the room buzzing with energy in a long encore of old songs and new favorites. Trashing a friend’s girlfriend in B.F.G.F. and dedicating an old favorite, Leech, for the long-time fans still there ‘between the chasm of 3 and 4’.

I held up my hand with the rest of the crowd and took themselves back for Here’s To The Night, honoring the past which made us all who we were, including the band, who’s quick rise to fame paid a price in their own lives. And, of course, they ended with Inside Out, heading back to the source  of it all during their new beginning.

Their current radio single Victoria is in true Eve 6 tradition a little corny, a little punk and a lot of fun.

Make sure to catch Eve 6 on tour and pick up their new album Speak The Code in stores or on iTunes. You can also listen to our favorite Eve 6 tunes on TREND TRIBE RADIO by clicking here.

– Megan

Disclaimer: On occasion, contributors of The Trend Tribe receive products and services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not influence the contributor’s point of view or the outcome of the review. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the reviewers experience. The opinions are their own. Photographs are courtesy of Megan Mc Clain and Eve 6.
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Wife, journalist, ex-Girl Scout, self-proclaimed band geek, former student and substitute teacher, Megan tackles being a SAHM and decorating her new home in Sunshine Wonderland. @MrsWndr


  1. Great article. That was an amazing night.

  2. Oh, this brings back memories for me. EVE 6 came to my college my freshmen year as one of our big performances that year.

    I was helping out backstage, and taking admission tickets..

    but there was a time, when they let all the volunteers go behind the stage to meet the band 😉

    I almost forgot about that!

  3. I hadn’t listened to Eve 6 in sooooo long! I listened again yesterday and the music is still just as wonderful.

  4. My favorite part of this post is when you talk about that great FREEDOM you felt again from hearing the music! I love how great music can do that to you! Glad you had a wonderful time!

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