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How To Get The Booty, Arms and Abs of Your [Pinterest] Dreams

How To Get The Booty, Arms and Abs of Your [Pinterest] Dreams

We all have one.

The Pinterest board with all kinds of images of women with amazing bodies sweating it out. Maybe it has an inspirational quote about getting moving. Maybe it’s the old favorite “Nothing tastes as good as…”. Maybe it’s one of the THE ONLY EXERCISE YOU NEED TO DO graphics. Regardless, we all have that board.

Right next to our pin board dedicated to chocolate desserts.

So what is a girl to do? How can we look like Giselle and cook like Paula Deen? While you may have to BE Giselle to be able to even think of sometimes eating like Paula Deen, we all need a goal, right? Last fall I was introduced to a new workout, The Dailey Method, at their Carlsbad studio. While they are new(ish) to the San Diego area, they have been chiseling arms and “seats” (the PC term for BOO-TAY) in Nor Cal for about 11 years with their distinct barre class that helps people “reshape their bodies in a more assertive manner while still maintaining proper alignment and structure.”

At the Dailey Method it’s all about alignment. Keeping your spine in a neutral setting, breathing deeply, working the muscles to exhaustion and then stretching them into the shape that we really want them – long and lean. And in all honesty, it works. I’ve been doing this workout now for months, and while (begrudgingly) admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, I know that if I can get myself to 3 classes a week on a regular basis I not only feel better but LOOK better.

But I’ve also learned a few things along the way, tips that I want to share with you while you are doing whatever workout you love to do.

Try to find your “neutral spine” throughout the day.


Basically this is the natural shape of your spine. Unfortunately many of us are used to hunching over computers or in our seats while driving most of the time, and we lose this alignment. Our grandmothers always told us to sit up straight – and they were right. A few times a day, check yourself. Suck in your abs, pull your shoulders down and back and sit up straight. Its a habit we all need to get into.

Make your muscles shake like Elvis’ pelvis.

When you get to the point where your muscles are shaking, that means that they are working hard and that you are demanding more from them than you normally do. While you may want to cry, this is a very good thing. This means that the muscles are changing and forming to the way you want them to look. This is why it’s also important to stretch them out after – so that you get leaner rather than bulky.

When doing ab work, make sure your abs are being held in properly.

I know it sounds basic, but before I really started paying attention to this while doing The Dailey Method, I was doing this all wrong. I was sucking in my breath more than holding a tight contraction of the muscles. Once I realized this, and made efforts to fix this, I noticed a difference not only in the strength of my abs, but in the definition of the various muscle groups.

Whatever exercise you chose, make sure you are working the muscles the way you want to build them. And if you have a Dailey Method studio near you, try one out and see if it’s the workout for you.


– Beth

Beth “styley.techy.bloggy.mommy.” Avant can juggle it all while keeping up with the trends like none other. Oh, and make sure to ask her about her Vanilla Moose. He kinda sorta rocks! Twitter: @HipMamaB

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This “styley.techy.bloggy.mommy.” can juggle it all while keeping up with all the latest and greatest like none other. Oh, and make sure to ask her about her Vanilla Moose. He kinda sorta rocks! Twitter: @HipMamaB

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