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JAN :: 5 Simple Ways to Getting Healthier

JAN :: 5 Simple Ways to Getting Healthier


5 Simple Ways to Getting Healthier


January is the obvious month to kick off an all-new health-related monthly series here at The Trend Tribe!  This month we’ve got a great list of  5 simple things you can do this month to get healthier.  On your mark, get ready, go!

Clean your makeup brushes.

I am totally guilty of going months without cleaning my makeup brushes.  Gross, right?  It’s no wonder why my skin is constantly breaking out.  Our makeup brushes are filled with bacteria, debris, and dead skin and every morning we go about sweeping those petri dishes across our beautiful faces.  It’s time to give your own brushes a quick bath for a better complexion.

Get yourself a new pair of sneakers.

Is one of your 2013 resolutions to lose weight?  Well then, it’s time to hit the pavement in a new pair of cute trainers.  Sneakers are only meant to last 500 miles before the support and cushioning starts to break down.  This means if you are in your kicks for at least 60 minutes a day, then you should expect to replace them every six months.  New shoes, new you.

Get together with your closest girlfriends.

Laughter is said to be the best medicine.  One of my favorite things to do is get together with the girls and just laugh until my face hurts.  Perhaps, a glass of wine or a cocktail is somewhere in the mix but everything in moderation, right?  There is something to be said about shared experiences and nothing beats giggling with your besties.


Kick BPA to the curb.

BPA is bad.  If you didn’t know, BPA is a chemical used in plastics as well as found in the lining of most canned food.  Studies suggest that exposure to BPA may cause human reproduction disorders, heart disease in women, memory loss, breast cancer, and asthma.  Look for items labeled “BPA-Free” and opt for fresh foods instead of canned.  It’s a small start, but a good one.

Load up on fresh winter fruits.

Speaking of fresh foods…though stores may still carry summer fruits, stick with what’s in season!  Citrus reigns supreme during the winter months and there is such a variety of oranges to choose from.  Clementines, blood oranges, and Cara Caras all taste so good this time of year and the vitamin C and extra fiber will do you some good.

There you have it!  5 things to do this month to get healthier.  Which of these are you going to do right now?

– Wendy

Director of Health + Beauty, Wendy Nielsen, thinks reality TV and her iPhone are just as important as air, wants to kick cancer in the shins and has a huge fangirl crush on Gwen Stefani. Twitter: @Wendy_Nielsen

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Wendy (30 Posts)

With a deep love for fonts and Foo Fighters, Wendy thinks coffee and her iPhone are just as important as air, that cancer sucks and mornings are overrated. @Wendy_Nielsen


  1. Well said, Wendy. Just one note about getting new sneakers, I’d recommend getting fitted for sneakers at an athletic store if you are a runner. Many people are wearing the wrong type of shoes to keep their bodies injury-free.

    Also, in addition to winter fruits, there are some wonderful winter veggies. I’ve been going old school (or vintage) by using my crockpot, to make a warm, delicious and nutritious lunches and dinners (with enough to freeze for future meals) with minimal fuss. It’s a bonus that I can “cook” and do all the other things I need or want to do as well.

    • Great suggestions, Melissa!

      I personally own about 5 different pairs of tennis shoes. Most for just kicking around and some that I’ve been fitted for. I think getting a professional fitting is really important. There are so many options out there, people should know what type of shoe they need for what kind of activity they are planning on doing.

      Winter veggies are my favorite! Roasting them in the oven is so easy but I love your crockpot idea too! More time to hang with friends while dinner is off cooking itself!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. You basically just gave me permission to ‘run’ out and buy those awesome sneakers I’ve been obsessing over. Thanks!

    • I gladly grant you permission!

  3. Great list! Will gladly share far & wide.

  4. Great suggestions, Wendy!

    I’ve got the fresh food part down but definitely need to clean my makeup brushes and may consider a new pair of sneakers in the next month or so. Mine weren’t abused too much last year but with a bad ankle and a love of walking, quality support is crucial to avoid flareups.

    As for spending time with friends (my male friends crack me up just as much as the few female friends I have do), oh that’s a big one. One of my best friends (male) can knock me out of a crappy mood 95% of the time with his comments. My female BFF can do the same whenever we get together.

  5. Great tips, Wendy! There is nothing like girlfriend time! I prefer to make a weekend out of it. :). I look forward to reading more from this column!

  6. Wendy, this is a great list! Thank you. I’m always looking for ways to get healthy.

  7. These are great! Thanks Wendy! You had me at “simple” and “healthy!” 🙂

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