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Spotlight : Nicole Standley

Spotlight : Nicole Standley

Not too long ago I came across a blogger who accepted the challenge of telling her readers 100 things about herself. Man, that’s easy, I could do that in a heartbeat for my spotlight. Ugh. Wrong! What was I thinking? This was a really difficult exercise. For the most part, I am a pretty private person when it comes to blogging; however if you ask me a direct question you best have your favorite Hunter Wellies on because the flood gates are about to be open. I will tell you every single detail.

Did you know?…

  1. My birthday is 1-23. So you’ll never forget.
  2. I absolutely despise country music, but I love-love-love Johnny Cash.
  3. I named my daughter after my grandfather + she has his big blue eyes. My husband + I have brown.
  4. I live and die by fashion magazines.
  5. If I could be anyone alive or dead it would be Anna Wintour.
  6. I think Led Zeppelin is the most incredible band that has ever existed.
  7. But my favorite band is the Foo Fighters.
  8. I owe my passion for music to my uncle. He had the greatest taste in music + I will always be grateful.
  9. My cousin snuck The Doors LP in my luggage when we were leaving Scranton one visit. She was rad.
  10. I have a severe mental block when it comes to foreign languages. But I really want to learn French.
  11. I absolutely adore my daughter’s teachers. We’re talking total #girlcrush
  12. I want to adopt a Vegan diet, but I will never give up wearing leather.
  13. With the exception of one year of college, I went to a private Catholic school from Pre-K to senior year of college.
  14. Tom Ford is my favorite designer.
  15. My goal is to have a completely black closet with a few pairs of jeans as my ‘pop’ of color.
  16. My closet space and make-up case is never, ever unorganized or messy. We’re talking OCD.
  17. The first album I ever owned was Pink Floyd The Wall. I was 5.
  18. I never feel better than after a fresh juice cleanse.
  19. My ‘celeb crush’ is Paul Rudd.
  20. I will never get sick of Saving Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up.
  21. From the time I was 7 – 10 I suffered from massive migraines almost every single night.
  22. I’m obsessed with collecting coffee table books and could get lost at Rizzoli for hours.
  23. I could read by the time I was five. Not sure how, but I did.
  24. It’s not Xmas until I place my Elton John ornament by Christopher Radko on my tree.
  25. I am a complete and utter sucker for my husband.
  26. We ‘met’ on the phone. The first thing I ever said to him was, “Meet me in Vegas this weekend, I’m marrying you.” We end up getting married in Vegas four years later. We’ve been together 13 years.
  27. If I could go back in a time machine I would go back to the Sunset Strip in the early 80’s.
  28. I loved-loved-loved high school. I’m still close with the same friends 20+ years later.
  29. Every summer I start to re-read the classics. Then ‘life’ happens.
  30. My dream is to take my daughter to Paris the summer before she turns 13.
  31. While in France I shall buy lots of handbags + perfume.
  32. My favorite food is anything Asian.
  33. People are surprised to know I hate crowds and loud music, but I love concerts.
  34. I am obsessed with personal stationery.
  35. Horror movies terrify me.
  36. I rarely drink, but I have a favorite red wine, white wine, champagne + cocktail just in case.
  37. One summer I walked to work everyday with Eric Clapton for the whole month of August.
  38. I always wanted 12 (or 3) children. Then the moment they handed me my daughter I felt completely satisfied.
  39. I still sleep every single night with my ‘Woobie’.
  40. The relationship I admire the most is my grandparents. They have been together 68 years.
  41. Tory Burch flats KILL my feet.
  42. Green tea is not my friend. It was my Diet Coke replacement and didn’t let me sleep for 9 months.
  43. I cannot pull off a smokey eye or red lip. Don’t tell me I can. I look like Frank N Footer.
  44. I have been to over 150 concerts.
  45. I am a creature of habit. When I find something I like, I stick to it.
  46. I love everything that has to do with the 70’s glam. Music, fashion, pop-culture.
  47. My favorite style icon is ‘Ginger Rothstein’, Sharon Stone’s character in CASINO.
  48. I really want to meet Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Page.
  49. I cannot stand passive agressive behavior. I do not think it’s clever, I think it makes you look old and unattractive.
  50. I began collecting autographs from pretty famous musicians for my daughter in her A-B-C book. There are 38 so far.
  51. I’ve seen Stevie Nicks perform three times, and all three times I’ve cried from the moment she took the stage until the moment she walked off.
  52. I can’t walk the beach in Santa Monica without singing, “C’mon knock on our door…” RIP Jack Tripper.
  53. Thom Yorke of Radiohead once asked me if he could have my extra chair.
  54. I will never type a curse word online. But my favorite bad word is f*cker.
  55. Every night my husband and I fall asleep sharing the same pillow.
  56. I’ve flown in a zeppelin up the Southern California coast at sunset.
  57. You can see my and my hubs on-stage during the VH1 Storytellers Foo Fighters episode.
  58. My first ‘front row’ experience was Pearl Jam 1994 in Rochester.
  59. Nothing grosses me out more than the smell of celery or mayonaise.
  60. My babysitter introduced me to Pat Benetar’s ‘Promises in the Dark’ and I’ve never been the same. BAD. ARSE.
  61. My name backwards is Elocin Yeldnats.
  62. I still laugh at the TV show FRIENDS as though I’m watching it for the first time.
  63. I have lived in New Jersey, New York, California and Washington.
  64. I’ve watched the Foo Fighters perform live in a backyard with the Secret Service and POTUS Barack Obama.
  65. I’m obsessed with Barbies clothes, accessories, and furniture from 1978 – 1985.
  66. I can still remember the best bagel I had ever eaten. It was in 1992.
  67. My first car was a Saab convertible. The license plate was HAL 77B
  68. One of the best times of my life was spending time traveling Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein with my friends when I was 17. Sure I cried most of the trip, but the memories are fantastic.
  69. My favorite movies are: Barefoot in the Park, The Graduate and Annie Hall.
  70. I also worship anything and everything by Cameron Crowe.
  71. I love 80s movies, not really a fan of 80s ‘pop’ music.
  72. I regularly wake my daughter up in the middle of the night to have a dance party in her room.
  73. I wear Chuck Taylors every single day.
  74. There is constantly a soundtrack playing in my head. Every memory of mine is accompanied by a song.
  75. I also ‘collect’ handbags and have quite an impressive array of vintage bags & trunks.
  76. My favorite memories are of my family on Christmas Eve at my grandparent’s house. I love looking at the photos of everyone smiling. It’s like I’m there all over again.
  77. The first Beatles song I remember hearing was Hey Jude. It was my mom’s 45 in my grandparent’s basement.
  78. I know my Italian grandmother’s ‘Sunday Gravy’ recipe by heart.
  79. My memory is really bad.
  80. I drive super slow. Speeding scares me.
  81. The first Broadway musical I ever saw was Annie.
  82. Last year I spent a few hours on the set of Cougar Town playing Penny Can with Bill Lawrence + the cast. What. A. Blast!
  83. I am not starstruck until a celeb wants to continue the conversation past, “Hello, good to see you!” Then I’m taken off guard.
  84. I once almost accidentally took Nancy Reagan out with my umbrella at the Hotel Bel Air. Thank goodness her bodyguard was on his toes.
  85. I break down everything in life to the basics. The most simplest term. Life doesn’t need to be so difficult.
  86. My favorite spot in LA is the Sunset Marquis.
  87. I love the smell of patchouli
  88. I am so thankful for Lasiks. I was -6.25 in each eye.
  89. French manicures scare me. Especially on Snoop Dogg.
  90. I love to clean to loud ‘angry’ music.
  91. I am not a warm-fuzzy animal person. I like people.
  92. Make me laugh and I will be your bestie forever.
  93. One of the best TV moments I’ve ever seen was Dan Rather + John Mayer on Bravo TV’s Clubhouse with Andy Cohen.
  94. When I was in Kindergarden, John Lennon, President Reagan and Pope John Paul II were each shot. I remember thinking at 6 this must be the ‘norm’.
  95. My proudest moment was watching my little girl receive an award at school for kindness tied for…
  96.  …watching her read the liner notes while singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  97. I shut down my computer every night around 9:30 to spend QT with my husband.
  98. I love fancy hotels.
  99. I never ever forget when someone does something nice for me, and I will always reciprocate it when they least expect it – or need it the most.
  100. Freebie. Ask me a question.

So does any of this surprise you?

What is something I’d be shocked to find out about you?Are you ready for the #TTT100 challenge? Go!


– Nicole

A NJ transplant living in SoCal, Nicole Standley, digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. You can also find her moonlighting as a contributor at, Lucky Magazine, and Burke Williams Spa. Twitter: @nicoledstandley

Disclosure: On occasion, contributors of The Trend Tribe receive products, compensation and/or services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not influence the contributor’s point of view or the outcome of the review. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the reviewers experience. The opinions are their own. Photos credits: Nicole Standley.
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Founder + Editor-In-Chief, Nicole is a NJ transplant living in SoCal, who digs pop culture, fancy-dancy hotels, cool shindigs, live shows, highfalutin restaurants, and all-things: music, fashion and events. Twitter: @nicoledstandley


  1. Love!!! Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you, my dear friend. xx

  2. Happy birthday! I love reading these!
    Here’s a question: what application has 12 pages?
    Enjoy your day with Mr. Yeldnats and little Miss C.

    • Thank you!
      I just texted you.


  4. Sunset Strip in the ’80s? YES! You’re my doppelgänger.

  5. I loved reading these. No mention of your adoration for a certain hairy, dirty Roxy goer named Ron? :p

  6. Love this! Hope you had a fabulous day you fabulous thing!! xxxx

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