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Recipe: On Your Mark Juicing

Recipe: On Your Mark Juicing

Did you start out 2013 juicing like a fiend with that juicer Santa left under the tree? Well, your Pinterest boards say you did considering all those juice recipes you’ve pinned!  While somedays I’d rather run out and grab a Cleansing Cocktail juice from my local Mother’s Market instead of cleaning up masticated fruit pulp, I do indeed have a juicer and I occasionally use it.  Below I’m sharing my absolute favorite juice recipe with you!

Some argue that extracting the juice from fruits and veggies doesn’t offer much more than just eating a whole orange or apple.  They say because the pulp is removed in the juicing process, we lose the benefits of the fiber.  Others suggest that juicing does have its benefits including the quick absorption of nutrients into the body, it can help aid digestion, it can help change your mood, and also detox your system.


My go-to juicing recipe book is called Super Juice: Juicing for Health and Healing by Michael Van Straten.  I first got this book and a juicer shortly after finishing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  Studies show your kidneys aren’t working at full speed after they’ve been hit with large doses of the cancer-killing drug.  Juicing helps purge the kidneys of toxins and helps regulate the function of these organs.

Now to my favorite juice recipe – and I think it’s pretty pin-worthy!  It’s called On Your Mark from Super Juice and it’s considered a “super-rich” juice which means it contains 50% of your daily requirement in vitamin C and beta-carotene. The author says that On Your Mark is a perfect juice cocktail before any kind of exercise because the carrots and parsnip break down slowly which ultimately provides a gradual release of energy.


On Your Mark is a pretty basic juice recipe that always delivers results.  But, if the addition of something like parsnip freaks out you then I urge you to try simpler combinations like strawberries and stoned cherries or ginger and watermelon.

Share your favorite juice combos in the comments below!

– Wendy

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  1. Can’t wait to try this one. I love adding parsnips to my juice. If you have the right blend you really can’t taste them.

  2. Love juicing! Can’t wait to try this recipe out.

  3. We are juice nuts over here. I have never tried parsnips though!

  4. Oh I’ll have to try that recipe! Sounds delicious! Just got a Vitamix so will see how I go with it with juicing. It’s been wonderful for smoothies so far!


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