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Sound City Movie Premiere + Rock Show

Sound City Movie Premiere + Rock Show

What happens when you’re stuck between Dave Grohl, Stevie Nicks & Rick Springfield?

Don’t all blog posts start out like that?

Dave Grohl is EVERYWHERE lately. Hosting a week of Chelsea Lately, featured guest on the talk show circuit, and keynote speaker at SXSW.  So it is no surprise to our loyal readers of The Trend Tribe that this post was coming. They could see it a mile away. Sound City Movie directed by Dave Grohl, a Sound City Players rock show featuring the Foo Fighters playing with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Lee Ving (Fear), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine), Rick Springfield (umm…Jessie’s Girl, duh!), Alain Johannes (Queens of The Stone Age), John Fogerty (CCR), and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac). THE Stevie Nicks. At the Palladium in Hollywood. Legendary. That was my random Thursday night. Yep, imagine that…I skipped a new Grey’s Anatomy for the most amazing night I’ve ever had in Hollywood. How could I have possibly gone to the Hollywood movie premiere and rock show directed by, Mr. Dave Grohl, and not squeal about it with glee? I went. I’m squealing. And a few weeks later I still can’t believe it.


I am not a film critic. In fact, I’m not even going to pretend I play one on TV, but I will say that my cheeks hurt for two days from smiling, my eyes burned from tears, my neck was strained from celeb-sighting induced whiplash, and my sides were sore from giggling. The story of Sound City is captivating. The music was indescribable. Dave, the movie was fantastic.

But most of all, I am proud, and unbelievably grateful to say that I was witness to the beautiful chemistry between old friends and new on stage and off. It was beyond emotional.


      • Facebook goes nuts Thursday morning. My news feed is filled with friends from all different groups excited for the Sound City Players rock show. Foo fans, Stevie fans, Springfield fans and simply rock and roll fans all come out for this show. I’ve never seen anything like it! 
      • KK and I meet our friend, J for a quick bite to eat at Chateau Marmont before the red-carpet Sound City premiere. First celeb-sighting: Bob Forrest of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and Thelonious Monster.

Sound City Movie Premiere

      • Haul-arse to Cinerama Dome, try to grab popcorn and the three of us are caught in a total rock and roll crossfire. Hence, the whiplash: Darryl Hannah (Wall Street, Splash), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Lee Ving (FEAR), Butch Vig (Garbage) all trying to get to the Milk-duds.
      • At one point we were the lettuce, tomato & mayo in between a Rick Springfield and Stevie Nicks sandwich. No joke…might have been the second or third best moment of my life.
      • Dave comes out to introduce the movie and said since Sundance, he feels the need to stand-up and introduce any and every movie he watches even at home. Hmmm…I wonder how he’d introduce The Devil Wears Prada?
      • During the movie we sat behind Rick Springfield. Watching him in person and at the same time on the big screen was trippy. At one point in the movie he told a story of something not so nice he did. My first instinct was to smack him upside the head like my Italian grandma used to do, but I caught myself before J & K had to bail me out of the clink.
      • The movie was so good. You can download it here: Sound City Movie. If you are a music lover and have not yet watched the film, you are missing out on one amazing story. You do not want to skip Sound City.
      • Once the credits rolled, we walked out to the lobby at the same time as Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue). I became so overwhelmed with excitement that pushed K with a mighty force…into a dark closet. Sorry, dude. xx
      • In the lobby we also saw Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal), Atom Willard (Offspring), Robert Levon Been who walked himself from the premiere to the Palladium where he’d later perform with BRMC.


Sound City Players Rock Show

      • Upstairs at The Palladium in the (cough, cough) VIP balcony area, we spotted the likes of Tony Kanal (No Doubt) and Joan Jett. She is super-duper tiny, but BAD frickin’ A**!
      • The place was PACKED. I’ve been to The Palladium a few times this year, but this show was bursting at the seams.
      • At one point, buddy Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters, looked up and scolded KK from the stage for sneaking a quick yawn in between set-up. Sorry Shifty, 2-year old little boys will do that to you.
      • Cheap Trick’s Surrender with Corey Taylor on lead vocals, Dave Grohl on drums, Pat Smear and Rick Nielsen on guitar and Krist Novoselic on bass was a huge crowd pleaser. Rick made it rain over the audience with guitar picks and then tossed a KISS album into the crowd as Corey changed the line of the song to, “Got my CHEAP TRICK records out…”
      • OK, so maybe Paul McCartney and Tom Petty didn’t take stage; however seeing Krist Novoselic beaming was good enough for me. Swinging that bass, jumping, bouncing, and tossing his 6′ 7″ self around made me so happy. Then there was Pat Smear. Oh, Pat. Watching you shred to Jessie’s Girl. No words. You owned it. You are a legend and kids should really genuflect to you. And Dave. Mr. Grohl, I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve seen you and your friends perform; however and I’ve never seen you so moved to be up on that stage. Your smile and pure emotion was felt by every single one of us in that room. I’m so grateful to have been there to experience that with you.


The Sound City Highlights

    • And then there was this:

    • And this:

    • And then this happened:

And I cried.

I am so thankful to have been a part of this incredible night and even more blessed I was able to spend the evening with two of my friends that I adore – you RAWK! Thanks ladies!

My other friends who had an incredible night:

Leecy met Joan…


yes…as in Jett.

And after over a quarter of a million air miles, hundreds of flights, multiple continents and triple digit Foo Fighter performances, the Foo’s most dedicated fan, Lara, once again flew in from Australia and FINALLY GOT A PHOTO WITH DAVE GROHL!


‘Twas a great day. 

Sound City Players made their LA debut at the Hollywood Palladium with this setlist:

– Nicole

Photos credits: Nicole Standley, Lara Clifford, and Leecy Anderson. Video credit: faketaper
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  1. You are adorkable. Love you.

  2. I still do not forgive you for throwing me in that damned broom closet. The end.


    (great post – really well written. you rock, girlfriend. figuratively AND literally)


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