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The Trendsetters at Five Crowns Chef’s Supper

The Trendsetters at Five Crowns Chef’s Supper

There is something beautiful about getting a group of people you truly like and are absolutely inspired by, around a table to break bread. When this group happens to be women and eight of the greatest bloggers and social media influencers out there…watch out! Our latest dinner at the iconic Five Crowns Restaurant in Corona del Mar hosted by Executive Chef Greg Harrison at his weekly Chef’s Supper, was a night filled with excitement, inspiration, and exploding flavors from the very first bite.


Welcome to Five Crowns.

First things first. The music is pure gold. Ever so faint, yet loud enough for someone in your party to continuously blurt out throughout dinner, “The Postal Service!” “I hear Morrissey!” “Is that Mazzy Star?” This completely sets the mood. From the moment you walk through those doors, you peek to the right and see what looks like a very fun, brightly lit (yet soft,) sociable and happening Happy Hour. I’m pretty sure it might be Orange County best kept ‘Hipster’ secret. And then there is the left side. Much quieter, but don’t let that fool you. Tucked away through the Five Crowns dining room, nuzzled up against a cozy fireplace, is Executive Chef Greg Harrison’s chef’s table and up until the very last moment, he is fine-tuning a special menu for your friends unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Slowly, one by one, as each plate and pairing comes to the table, your party becomes the focal point of the entire room and other diners are trying their best not to stare, gawk, question, point or tell the waiter, “I’ll have what’s she’s having.” The best way to describe it? Magic.

The Chef’s Supper.

Our Five Crowns feast began with the best cocktail I’ve ever tasted, Pimm’s Cup. In fact, I heard quite a few, “Wow, this is my new favorite!” If this was any indication of what the night had in store, it was going to be perfect.

Then before we knew it, course after course came some of the most delicious, flavorful, and creative dishes we ever had the opportunity to dine on. Each and every one of us not only tried something new, but the one rule is you must at least try everything. This was the best rule to implement because some of the new is now the faves.

Bone marrow and oysters have never been my personal meals of choice, but at Five Crowns they are. The crown jewel of the night for me was the Bivalve Three Ways. When you taste something that you’ve never really loved before, but then you are introduced to it in a way that you’ve never dreamed, you will never forget that moment. Oh, and the presentation! Each member of our group was greeted by their own personal server who presented us with our own bone marrow smoking underneath a glass jar on a hot rock and bed of wood chips. That smell!!!! The Crystal Point Oysters with uni, and rice wine mignonette was fantastic, but the Artichoke Petal with sunchoke, cara cara and celery was a party in itself.

I’m going to let the Instagrams of the night and our menu tell you the rest of the story; however I urge you to see what the other influencers had to say about our special Five Crowns Chef Supper experience as well. Cupcakes & Cutlery, Letters for Lucas, Juggling in Heels, The Jet-Set Family, The Trend Tribe (September experience) and Wendy Nielsen.
This fabulous fete is available by reservation-only, for parties of 8-to-10 guests. Held on Friday nights, it’s such a wonderful way to celebrate your next gathering with a culinary adventure and pairing that will leave you for wanting more, and more, and more.


Once again, Executive Chef Greg Harrison, you’ve outdid yourself. And on behalf of The Trend Tribe, we had an amazing time and thank you!

Five Crowns | 3801 East Coast Hwy, Corona del Mar, CA | (949) 760 0331


– Nicole

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