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Oscars Red Carpet: What You Didn’t See on TV.

Oscars Red Carpet: What You Didn’t See on TV.

The Oscars. My vantage point? A fly on the red carpet walls. Inches away from George, steps away from Nicole, and an arms length from Brad & Bradley. My angle was one that could not only see what was happening in front of the cameras, but off to the side, behind scaffolding and even underneath tents that guarded them from the paparazzi who were perched on rooftops trying to nab photos first before the professional media photographers in the pit.

I could not only clearly see how everyone was acting, but feel the excitement, happiness, gratitude or tension that each movie star brought to the carpet. There was no place to hide. I only wish I was able to snap more photos; however the sun was working against me so I had to take every photo blindly hoping something/anything would come out. 




I never thought it was possible to witness time stand still. Then it happened. Halfway through the red carpet events ADELE appeared at the tent opening and everything stopped. Time actually froze. The interviews, the photography, the conversations, EVERYTHING and everyone, paused for a moment, and she had absolutely no clue it was happening all for her. To watch this was surreal. The crowds of movie stars waiting in bunches for their turns to interview, scurried to divide and clear a path for her so she could go hug her friend, JENNIFER ANISTON.

Favorite Crowd Moment: While ADELE was getting her photos taken, 200 fans behind her began to loudly serenade her in unison, “Someone Like You”

Old Hollywood vs. New. When watching the Hollywood legends (DUSTIN HOFFMAN, JANE FONDA, CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, STEVEN SPIELBERG, etc.) grace the red carpet you could see they were taught to respect the ritual. There was no rushing, they appreciated the fans, so poised, worked the carpet. It was quite beautiful to observe. It was a dance. New Hollywood? The red carpet seemed like an inconvenience, an annoyance. They wanted to get on, get off, and half of them either had no idea what to do, acted as though they really didn’t care, or looked so uncomfortable being there that you felt badly for them.

The super cool stars that deserve props for actually enjoying themselves: QUENTIN TARANTINO, PAUL RUDD, SANDRA BULLOCK, REESE WITHERSPOON, QUEEN LATIFAH, CHRIS TUCKER, and JENNIFER GARNER. They are 150% exactly the way you’d imagine.

Biggest Crowd Cheers: Ready for this one? JOHN STAMOS and SEAN HAYES. The fans went BANANAS. And they both looked amazing as well. Both dressed impeccible well I might add.


Best Dressed (Women): ZOE SALDANA and SANDRA BULLOCK (tie)

Lovliest Couples: CHANNING TATUM and his wife JENNA DEWAN. Super cute! JUSTIN THEROUX and JENNIFER ANISTON. This guy really likes this girl. This cat did not take his eyes off of his future-wifey. But the most impressive? TIM BURTON & HELENA BONHAM CARTER – he was the epitome of a gentleman and doted on her unlike I’ve ever seen any husband act.

Biggest Chills Moment: The cheers, stomping and chanting “Robin! Robin! Robin!” as ROBIN ROBERTS walked to her position in front of us. Everyone including Robin was quite moved and choked up. The platform was shaking from the applause.

And now we dish…


Can you guess the actor(s)? Comment below!

  • I have never quite understood the romance between our favorite A++++ film/TV actor/producer and his girlfriend, but last night my gut instincts were confirmed. While I still adore him (and confused about her,) it was painfully obvious the two have ZERO chemistry between them and they seemed oceans apart. Eleven, Twelve, or Thirteen to be exact. Something is just not right, I’m so happy she didn’t place him in a Boston Crab right there on the red carpet.
  • Hotty McHott Hott arrives all smiles and chipper until he literally bumps into his ex and her super cool fiancée. The break-up must still sting Hotty a bit because let’s just say it looked as though he saw a ghost and felt a lot more out-of-place than they did and he was the nominee of the bunch!  That’ll show you not to travel too far without your wolfpack.
  • Yes, I saw this winner’s twins in person. It was so bad that the moment I saw those two silver dollars come out of the tent (and I was not close at this point,) I thought to myself, “Oh, boy…this is not going to be good.” She was obviously freezing and it wasn’t because of all the Tiffany & Co. ice around her neck. Poor girl. At least she knew and she owned it. Not sure if Miranda Priestly would be proud or horrified. 
  • Everyone has been making a huge deal about this performer lately. I mean HUGE. She looked fantastic, you can’t deny that she’s unbelievably talented, but last night she blew off her fans acting like a bigger diva than the late-great Whitney. She is not a newbie anymore and better smash the ‘tude. Then her interview this morning came off so sincere and genuine. The jury is still out on this one
  • This very well-recognized Hollywood couple couldn’t have been more opposite on the red carpet, he is older, she is younger. He’s American, she’s not. He comes from Hollywood Royalty and she’s just a smug witch with a b. Yes, I said it. He was so happy to be there, and was appreciating every moment, she looked bitter, bitter, bitter occasionally flashing a beautiful smile as needed for the photogs. Here’s a clue: her last name rhymes with Beta-Cones and her husband isn’t a fan of rabbit stew.
  • This salty actor tends to scare me. I’m not sure if it is the roles he plays or his natural (wandering) gaze that gives me the chills. Well that is until he and his baby-mama graced the red carpet. Let’s just say her 80-watt dress wasn’t the only thing that made the place buzz, so was her overwhelming resemblance to Joan Rivers! Her face was so tight, if she sneezed you better duck for cover because her eyeballs would shoot out and kill like bullets.
  • Ahhh, Malibu Barbie and Ken. I bear no malice towards these two and they always appear dead calm, but this is another union that I just can’t place my finger on where *something* is not right. You could cut the tension with a knife. Maybe she’s just tired of the amount of time he spends getting hair highlighted. Oh, the foils that man must go through! Something is up.
  • It was very interesting to see how quickly the photographers were trying to get this once huge Hollywood star with an A-list name and a series of questionable partners out of their shots. Her publicist was obviously trying to get her as much press time as possible, but no one was biting and within a blink of an eye she became Hollywood’s perfect stranger getting a fraction of press time that everyone else received
  • The most uncomfortable red carpet moment was when legend, Jane Doe (who we like, we really, really like,) and looked beautiful by the way, was so visibly moved by the loud crowd cheers in front of her and kept acknowledging her fans thanking them, blowing kisses. She was sure with zero uncertainty they were for her. What she didn’t know was it was really because one of the biggest names in Hipster Hollywood was passing behind her waving to the fans and causing a major ruckus. Make no mistake, there is more than a 50/50 chance this kid is going to be bigger than Leo Di Caprio.
  • This one is for the ladies…get ready to rejoice: I’m not playing any reindeer games when I tell you one absolutely beautiful mega oscar-winning superstar, who shall remain nameless, but we’ve all commented how we wish we had one part of her body or another, has: get this…lunch lady arms. YES! Her bat wings totally flapped with a jingle-jangle leaving the slightest breeze as she waved to the crowd.


So who did I forget to mention that you’d like to know about?

DISCLAIMER: To be very clear, The Oscars is a star-studded public event where celebs know darn well they are going to be scrutinized for what they wear and how they behave. Otherwise, I strongly believe that celebs, movie stars, famous musicians, politicians, athletes, high-profile bloggers and anyone in the spotlight for that matter, deserves privacy when they are not on the clock. I believe they have signed up to entertain us, through songs, TV, books, and film, no where agreeing to live under a microscope or open up their personal lives once off-stage or off-screen. So when I have those random, yet frequent celebrity sighting and it is at a restaurant, movie theater, doctor’s office, their residence (yes, I have actually heard first hand crazy stories of people ringing celebrity’s doors!) the farmer’s market, supermarket, or some place they are not being paid to be, it is no way OK to  intrude on their personal space.

– Nicole

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley
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  1. I am grateful to hear you weren’t arrested for attacking George Clooney’s pant leg. Did Uncle Jesse recognize you?

    So fun. So grateful you got to do this! What a wonderful honor!

  2. Love the perspective! What fun! OK..but again, so lost on who a few of these are. I need to ask my husband.

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